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Research Shows Overclocking is Cool Again

Pushing the pedal to the metal The number of people who overclock their desktop PCs is growing, according to data found in the latest HWInsights Quarterly Report. We have no idea how HWInsights tracks such things, but apparently there was a 50 percent uptick in the annual growth of overclockers from the first quarter of […]

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Summer School Starts Tuesday: Class of Heroes 2G Comes to PS3

Just when you thought it was time to ditch the books and kick back for some lazy summer days, school will be starting right back up. The digital version of Class of Heroes 2G for the PlayStation 3 will be accepting new students June 2, 2015. This is one grid-based, dungeon crawling RPG master’s program […]

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PlayStation Blogcast 166: Witchers and Grocery Lists

Massive, open-world fantasy adventures? Sign us up! The team assembles (late at night) to gush about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and its incredible scope. Expect several mentions of Geralt’s rippling ab muscles, and how Ryan was right about the game all along. We also hear Sid’s rave review of Mad Max: Fury Road, and […]

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How To Back Up and Restore Steam Games

We show you how to back up your games, so you don’t have to re-download them With modern PC games tallying up download sizes of 20GB (and even soaring up to GTA V’s massive 70GB), sometimes it’s better to back up the game to an external drive rather than slog through the long download again. […]

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AMD Launches A10-7870K APU

Today AMD announced the availability of a new APU, codenamed Godavari: the A10-7870K. There’s also an A8-7670K coming soon, though it wasn’t part of today’s announcement. Despite the new codename, these APUs are effectively extensions of the existing Kaveri APU lineup, and they should be drop-in replacements on any socket FM2+ motherboard. Other than clock […]

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Store Unlimited High Resolution Pictures in Google Photos

Endless storage Thanks to the advent of the mobile phone, we’re all photographers now — just peek at your camera roll and see if you can scroll through all the pictures you’ve taken in less than a week. The more important ones we tend to back up, but with Google Photos, being selective is no […]

Samsung Chromebook 2 Review

at a glance Celery: Fine for even heavy browsing; truly stupendous battery life. Rutabaga: Lackluster graphics performance; should be cheaper. Insane battery life, pedestrian performance It may surprise you to know, but we absolutely love writing about Chromebooks. Sure, none of us would trade our daily drivers in for one, but the category is vastly […]

Corsair Hydro H110i GT Review

at a glance Mercury, God of Poetry: Runs cool; performs quietly; installs smoothly; looks snazzy. Mercury Tracer (1988): Thick tubing may make some installs tricky. The true successor was worth the wait When it comes to closed-loop liquid coolers, size does matter. You might not need a CLC at all for a dual-core CPU in […]

Xidax X-5 Incisive Review

at a glance Xenon: A lifetime warranty that is actually lifetime.Xenu: Dual-core feels simply quaint. You may literally get a lifetime of service from this box If there’s one lesson we’ve learned in life, it’s this: Don’t create false dichotomies. You know, such as: ‚ÄúThere are only two kinds of Maximum PC readers: those who […]

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