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AMD Releases Catalyst 15.9 Beta Driver Optimized for Star Wars: Battlefront

Getting ready to rumble If you’re running Radeon graphics and plan to play the Star Wars: Battlefront beta when it comes out next week, AMD has a new Catalyst driver release that might be of interest. It’s Catalyst 15.9, which itself is also a beta release. According to AMD, its latest beta driver contains “performance […]

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Microsoft Attempts to Soothe Privacy Concerns Over Windows 10

Can privacy and Windows 10 go hand-in-hand? Since launching two months ago, Windows 10 has been simultaneously praised for bringing the focus back to the desktop, and soundly criticized for potentially stepping over privacy bounds at every turn. Speaking to the latter, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson says that from the very outset, WIndows 10 was designed […]

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Logitech Adds G140 Atlas Spectrum to Mechanical Keyboard Arsenal

Compact and colorful Logitech today announced its new G410 Atlas Spectrum, a tenkeyless (no dedicated number pad) keyboard with mechanical switches. Unlike many of the mechanical planks out there, the G410 Atlas Spectrum doesn’t use Cherry-brand key switches. Instead, Logitech designed its own “Romer-G” switches and tasked Omron with building them. If the name Omron […]

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Persona 4: Dancing All Night Out Today on PS Vita

Put your dancing shoes on, cause it’s time to boogie! Persona 4: Dancing All Night comes out today! Rejoin the cast of Persona 4 in their latest adventure on the PlayStation Vita! Speaking of the cast, did you know that the developers took into account each character’s personality when figuring out their dance styles? For […]

Samsung SM951 NVMe 256GB Review

At a Glance (+) Speed Freaks: Fast; compact; great for laptops. (-) Speed Limits: High price per GB; limited capacities; BIOS support for booting; OEM-only. Compact, fast, and built for OEMs Last week, we posted our new SSD test suite and set our baseline expectations. Our baseline SSDs consist of one of the fastest SATA […]

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Among the Sleep Coming to PS4 on December 10th

Hi, everyone! My name is Kristina and I work at Krillbite Studio. We’re a small game developer from Norway. We are so happy to announce that Among the Sleep is coming to PS4 on December 10th! We have received a lot of attention for the story in our game. Among the Sleep is a psychological […]

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Rivals PS4 Beta Begins September 30th

Hi everyone! When we announced Hardware: Rivals recently, we mentioned that we were going to be running a Beta in the near future. Well, I’m pleased to announce that the Hardware: Rivals Beta will be launching exclusively to PlayStation Plus subscribers worldwide on September 30th. In case you missed our previous post, Hardware: Rivals is […]

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PS4 System Software Update 3.00 Out 9/30, Take a Visual Tour

The 3.00 system software update on PS4, codename: Kenshin, will be available to download starting tomorrow, September 30th. We want to extend our sincere thanks to everyone that participated in the beta. I want you to all know that we’ve listened. Your feedback made this system software update even better. There are a lot of […]

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