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This Weekend: Join Us at PlayStation Experience 2015

Is December our new favorite time of the year? I think it might be! When else can we take over a convention center for a no-holds-barred celebration of not only our games, but of you: the players? PlayStation Experience | Buy Tickets PlayStation Experience is back, hosted by the beautiful Moscone West convention center in […]

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Alone With You Update: Play it at PlayStation Experience

Hello once again, PlayStation fans! This is Benjamin Rivers, the developer behind horror game Home and the upcoming Alone With You — I wanted to share my answers to some common questions I get about the new game, as we charge ahead towards PlayStation Experience! When can I play Alone With You? Well, I mentioned […]

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Mighty No. 9: New Gameplay Trailer, 2-Player Modes Detailed

Hey PlayStation fans! We’re back with more Mighty No. 9 details than ever as we race towards release! Whether you’re new to Mighty No. 9 or have been with the game since the beginning, we’ve got loads in store and wanted to share some mighty news! So let’s get into it! Firstly, we’re extremely excited […]

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Cosmic Star Heroine on PS4, PS Vita Playable at PS Experience

Cosmic Star Heroine will be coming to PlayStation early next year, but in the meantime, we’re going to be showing off the game at PlayStation Experience 2015! Not only will you be able to play the PS4 version of the game, but for the first time ever, we’ll be letting people play the game on […]

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3D Printed PC Mods

Enthusiasts use 3D printers for great PC mods 3D printers, such as MakerBot’s Replicator, give enthusiasts a new tool to create their own case mods. In case you’ve been living under a rock, old-school PC modding is still alive and well—modders still cut new fan mounts, install custom case windows, or completely gut a case […]

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/1/2015

There’s always time to cause some digital chaos. The master of grappling hooks and improvised explosives returns to PlayStation this week with a new open-world playground — and plenty of firepower to liberate it. That’s right, Just Cause 3 is out this week on PS4. Just Cause 3 features a sprawling open-world filled with destructible […]

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MSI GT72S with GTX 980

At a Glance [+] Redline: Insanely fast; good build quality; overclockable; great features. [-] Meltdown: Insanely expensive; large and heavy; only 1080p (for now). Preparing for battle For the past year, the fastest notebook GPU has been the GTX 980M. With AMD and Nvidia both stuck on the 28nm process node for 2015, most didn’t […]

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Generation Proc

This article was published in the November 2015 issue of Maximum PC. For more trusted reviews and feature stories, subscribe here. How games have learned from art, music, and math—and how the world might learn from games And on the third day, God made the world. And He saw that it was quite crummy. And […]

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Black Friday Deals on AAA Titles, Blockbuster Movies and More

Hi everyone! The biggest shopping day of the year is just a few hours away, but no need to wait to start shopping – PlayStation Store’s Black Friday Flash Sale starts right now. So sleep in, skip the lines, power up the console, and start browsing. Save on AAA games like Call of Duty: Black […]

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Synology RC18015xs+ Cluster Review

Price Breakdown RC18015xs+: $4,000 (each)RXD1215sas: $3,500Seagate 1200 SSD: $2,800HGST He8 SAS HDD: $600 In the world of business storage, there are so many options that it can make an IT admin’s head spin. What you’ll typically find though, if you’re looking for rackmount business storage solutions, is that there’s often a redundant amount of compute […]

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