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PlayStation Experience: Join Neil Druckmann and the Cast of Uncharted 4

The Uncharted series has been consistently praised for its world class narrative, high quality cinematics, and relatable characters. We feel that’s only made possible because of an incredible collaboration between the writers and actors during the entire performance capture shooting schedule – a schedule that can stretch up to several years. PlayStation Experience | Buy […]

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Get Exclusive Gear at PlayStation Experience

PlayStation Experience is only a few weeks away! To celebrate, we are offering up some exclusive PlayStation merchandise for those lucky enough to attend the big show in San Francisco on December 5th and 6th. The on-site shop will only accept credit cards, so bring ’em with you! Accepted cards include Visa, Mastercard and Discover. […]

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Xing: The Land Beyond Brings Paradise to PS4 Next Year

If you enjoy solving puzzles, going on adventures, exploring rich landscapes, or piecing together stories, you might just like Xing: The Land Beyond. In this first-person adventure game, you’re already dead. Your main objective in this afterlife is to figure out who you are and what you must ultimately do. Imagine walking up to a […]

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Rocket League: Winter Games Event Begins December 14

Winter is coming… to Rocket League! Starting December 14, our previously-announced hockey-inspired Mutator Mode, now called “Snow Day,” will officially replace the “Mutator Mashup” online playlist. Boasting an ice-themed field and a heavy, disc-shaped puck, “Snow Day” brings an awesome new twist to Rocket League’s classic, football-fueled gameplay. We know a lot of you have […]

PS Plus: Free Games for December, 2015

Attention, PlayStation Plus members! We have another set of great PS4 games for you to enjoy, just in time for the holidays. Whether you prefer a good ol’ fashioned romp through a dungeon, or maybe a light-hearted story of adventure, we’ve got you covered with two reimaginings of classic gaming goodness. Up first is Gauntlet: […]

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Introducing Masquerada on PS4

Having spent years playing Dungeons and Dragons, one thing always annoyed me: the power differential between spellcasters and the rest of the classes. As a DM, I had to figure out a way to have magic prominent without having my fighters and rogues stacking dice in the corner as a group of my goblins were […]

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Tharsis Launching on PS4 January 12th, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, which means all you boys and girls will be waking up early tomorrow to open presents with all your loved ones. Did Santa bring you a turkey leg this year? Perhaps some stuffing in your stocking? You’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, let’s focus instead on one of […]

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Tearaway Unfolded: Holiday DLC Packs Out Today on PS Store

Hello, adventurers! Tearaway Unfolded has been out in the wild for a few months now and we hope you are all enjoying your adventures with your papery friends! We’ve loved seeing all your photos and papercrafts flooding into, it’s been amazing to see all your unique stories unfolding. Today we’ve got some exciting Tearaway […]

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Technolust: Invasion of the Robots

The three laws of robotics I’m a child of the ’80s, and even 30 years later I still have fond memories of watching cartoons after school and on Saturday mornings. One of the classics was The Jetsons. For those who aren’t old enough to remember the show, or just never watched it, the Jetsons are […]

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