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Microsoft Sticks a Fork in Project Astoria, Its Android-to-Windows 10 Porting Tool

Burning Bridges Microsoft wanted to make it easy for mobile app developers to port their software over to Windows 10 without having to rewrite their code, so it created a series of so-called bridges. They’re essentially toolkits designed to do the dirty work for developers. There was one for porting Android apps to Windows 10 […]

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Apple Files Motion to Reverse Court Order

In response to the US government request that Apple create special software to access a locked iPhone 5c, the company filed a motion on Thursday to reverse the court order, stating that the dispute isn’t about one isolated case, but the “dangerous power” that could be given to the Department of Justice and the FBI. […]

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Microsoft Siding with Apple in FBI Dispute

Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said during a congressional hearing on Thursday that the company plans to file an amicus brief next week to show its support for Apple. The news follows a statement made by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates earlier this week, who said he was “disappointed” that media outlets felt […]

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Friends, Foes, and Sellswords: Salt and Sanctuary Multiplayer Detailed

If you’re not yet familiar with us or our game, hi! We’re Ska Studios, a husband and wife team that’s been making deliciously bloody indie games for like eight years now (what!?). We’re working on a game called Salt and Sanctuary, an insanely ambitious platformer that aims to capture the “Soulslike” genre, faithfully reimagine it […]

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Full-Screen Ads Showing up in Windows 10

Microsoft launched Windows 10 last summer as a free upgrade for customers using Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Of course, the software isn’t completely free: you must own a valid (read: Genuine) copy of the older operating systems in order to upgrade to the latest and greatest. To buy Windows 10 outright, the “Home” version […]

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Double Dragon II: The Revenge Launches Today on PS4

Double Dragon II: The Revenge is an action game that was released by Technos Japan in 1989. In order to avenge your girlfriend Marian, Billy and Jimmy use their signature move So-Setsu-Ken to challenge mysterious armed forces. In the game, players can use even more skills than the previous entry in the franchise which leads […]

The Church in the Darkness Coming to PS4

The Church in the Darkness Coming to PS4

Games are perfect for creating complex worlds and stories to get lost in, particularly action games where emotions are high and your moment-to-moment decisions mean life or death. As a developer I like telling unique stories and watching as players change the narrative based on what they do. I’m happy to finally announce our game […]

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Rant: Windows 10 Auto Updates Sucks

You know that moment: the moment you lose you work because you saved a little too late, or completely forgot save. The moment you look down at your palms. It’s a terrible feeling, especially when your computer crashes. This is why if you’re writing something, do it using Google Docs. Unfortunately, if you’re using Windows […]

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The Winter 2016 Turbo

4K? A-OK Ah, the Turbo. How we love thee, with thy i7 CPU and heaps of memory. With clock speeds fast and FPS high, thy power has the ability to make one cry. Well, maybe not cry, but we still look forward to building the Turbo each season. The Turbo is our power rig, only […]

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PlayStation Blogcast Episode 198: Plants vs. Paragon

Welcome back! This week, Ryan talks to Jeremy from PopCap about Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, while Sid finally faces his fear of MOBAs and shares his impressions of Epic’s accessible-yet-hardcore Paragon. Justin is once again crippled by his inability to choose between Destiny and Final Fantasy XIV, and we can only assume Nick […]

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