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Master Acrobatic Combat in Seraph on PS4

Hello PlayStation fans! My name is Daniel Leaver and I’m delighted to be posting here once again. You may have heard of Dreadbit’s previous game, Ironcast, but today I’m proud to announce something entirely different: Seraph, coming to PS4 in 2016. Seraph is an acrobatic platforming shooter with a unique twist: all weapons are automatically […]

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World of Tanks: Take to the Seas This Weekend

Hi Tankers! TJ here with an all-new game mode to try out on PS4 this weekend only. If you haven’t played World of Tanks — download the game today, it’s free with no PlayStation Plus account needed. Although we frequently develop one-off events and game modes, we are doing something we have never done before […]

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Final Fantasy XV Out 9/30, Feature Film and Anime Series Announced

Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV is a wrap! For months we’ve been teasing what we were going to do with a mysterious “March Event” with the hope that we would announce the release date for the next Final Fantasy. With Final Fantasy XV we had to bundle things down into 15 items… so if you missed […]

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Newegg Daily Deal: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo, Corsair 760W PSU, and More!

Top Deal: When you lose your cool, you might shout out a few obscenities, punch a pillow, or fire up loud music until you feel better again. But when your PC loses its cool, things tend to freeze up, restart, and spit out errors, especially if you’re overclocking. If you find that your CPU is […]

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Apple, Google Have Been Target of Over 70 Court Orders to Unlock Devices

More to the iPhone story The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice are no longer trying to force Apple to break into the iPhone 5c handset that belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters, but the precedent the U.S. government sought is an issue that will likely come up again. As it […]

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Microsoft Windows 10 Rushes to 270 Million Active Devices

Keeping the pedal on the metal Microsoft’s ultimate goal is for Windows 10 to be installed on 1 billion devices within the first 2-3 years of availability. Sure it’s ambitious, but just 8 months removed from Windows 10’s launch, the OS now finds itself on 270 million active devices. That’s the word from Terry Myerson, […]

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Acer Predator Z850 Projector Throws 120-Inch Images at Gamers for $5,000

Big screen gaming in little spaces Forget about that 32-inch monitor you’ve been eyeing up, Acer’s newly available Predator Z850 projector can beam images up to 120 inches on your wall or screen. The question is, are you willing to pay $5,000 for it? That’s Acer’s bold asking price for what it claims is the […]

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April 2016

Hi everyone — we’re happy to announce the PS4 Plus games for April. Pilot a warship escaping from a dying star in Dead Star or survive a zombie-infested London in Zombi on PS4. First up we have Dead Star, a team-based shooter with RPG influence that we are excited to have launch as a Plus […]

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Shadow of the Beast Launching May 17th on PS4

We’ve finally reached a critical point in development and we’re excited to share some good news with our beloved PlayStation fans. Shadow of the Beast will launch in North America on May 17th, 2016! Please stay tuned for pre-order details. Our small team has been using their time to the fullest and we’ve made significant […]

Lovely Planet Launching on PS4 This Spring

Lovely Planet Launching on PS4 This Spring

Hidy ho, PS Bloggerinos! It’s Alex Nichiporchik here ready to tell you about yet another new tinyBuild game coming to PS4. We already told you about Party Hard and No Time to Explain, and now it’s time for Lovely Planet. We know you love your first-person shooters on PlayStation (So do we!), so we’re excited […]

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