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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/10/2015

Flying a ship through space must be a fun, right? How about when you add a seemingly endless storm of asteroids, aliens, world-ending robots, and also a resupply ship that can kill you? That’s right, Stardust is back, and it’s gotten a boost with Super Stardust Ultra on PS4. The well-loved, high-score chasing shooter Super […]

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How to Overclock Your Graphics Card

Learn how to wring every last bit of performance out of your video card Overclocking a graphics card used to be more trouble than it was worth, but things have changed. EVGA Precision X and MSI Afterburner are just two of the most popular choices for software overclocking. AMD even bundles its own overclocking solution—AMD […]

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PlayStation Blogcast Episode 152: May I Take Your Order: 1886?

Hello! On today’s show, we speak with the Game Director of The Order: 1886, as well as gush about the upcoming, asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve. Oh, and a brief examination of Sid’s thoughts on retirement. Come on in, and enjoy the show! Subscribe via iTunes or RSS, or download here Stuff We Talked About The […]

Warhammer: End Times — Vermintide Unveiled for PS4

Fatshark is proud to announce Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, a game we’ve been working hard on for the past two years. We’ve been wanting to make a Warhammer game since a group of us at Fatshark started playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle together in our spare time back in 2004. At the time, we lacked […]

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Remembering Microsoft Bob, the Precursor to Windows RT

Treating users like idiots never works I’ve written about the demise of Windows RT on more than one occasion over the course of the last couple of weeks, and in the comments section of both articles, there’s mention of Microsoft Bob. Prior to those incidents, it had been a long time since I’ve seen anyone […]

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Investigate the Origins of The Order: 1886, Get a Free PS4 Theme

I suppose I should mention up front, by visiting and completing our new online investigative experience for The Order: 1886, you will earn an exclusive dynamic The Order: 1886 theme for your PlayStation 4. Oh, and you can do all of this right in your PS4 browser. So genius, Tesla himself must have come up […]

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Will Unpleasant Side Effects Hold Virtual Reality Back?

Excuse me while I barf There are some exciting things happening in the field of virtual reality. The bigger ones include devices like the Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens, and Samsung Gear VR, but if you stop and read the list of possible side effects, it raises some concern that VR can become a mainstream thing. […]

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Google Adds Remote Lock Feature to Chromebook for Admins

Now admins can disable a stolen Chromebook Well, this was a long time coming. As Chromebooks grow in popularity, so does the risk of one being stolen — it’s just a numbers game, really. It sucks if that happens, but on the bright side, Google has issued an update that will finally allow admins to […]

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Secret Ponchos Gets New Characters, Free Maps on 2/17

Hello outlaws! The team here at Switchblade Monkeys is thrilled to announce The Hunting Ground, our first major content drop for Secret Ponchos coming to your PS4 February 17th, 2015. Our goal is to keep the game evolving and growing over time, so it keeps getting better and better. What’s in this expansion? A lot! […]

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