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My Thoughts About Maximum PC and Our Community

Weekend Thoughts About the Future It’s now December 20th, and I’ve spent a few short weeks at Future working with the Maximum PC team and interacting with the community. I’d thought it would be valuable to our readers if I share some of my thoughts. So many of you have reached out to me to […]

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The 10 Best Kickstarter Games

Great games we love made possible by crowdfunding The Kickstarter scene exploded a few years back, as gamers discovered the crowdfunding platform and began to fund various video game projects. The plethora of games seeking funding ranged from new concepts to sequels that boasted new, unique features or appealed to our sense of nostalgia. Because […]

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IBM Wants to Tap Your PC and Android Devices to Cure Ebola

Free app puts your Android device to work crunching data when it would otherwise be idle Scientists are hard at work looking for a definitive cure to Ebola, and you can help. More precisely, if you’re willing to donate idle time power from your PC and/or Android device, you can help the cause. How? The […]

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Western Digital Expects Storage Market to Grow by Billions of Dollars

Cloud computing and IoT are pushing demand for more storage Don’t feel too bad for storage players as the prices of hard drives and solid state drives continue to come down — there’s still money to be made. Lots of it. By Western Digital’s estimation, the global storage market will reach $38 billion by the […]

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U.S. Plans to Officially Pin Blame for Sony Hack on North Korea

Evidence points to North Korea as the culprit behind a cyber attack on U.S. soil After investigating a major cyberattack against Sony Pictures Entertainment that resulted in the theft and subsequent leak of various data, it appears there’s enough evidence to suggest that North Korea is the culprit, as was previously suspected. However, U.S. authorities […]

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Google Delays Fiber Expansion, Keeps the Details Vague

Several U.S. cities eagerly await Google to announce its fiber expansion plans Just a few locations have benefited from Google’s fiber roll out, which allows for up to 1Gbps Internet service (both uploads and downloads) along with the bundling of TV service at relatively affordable price points. More cities are on the expansion roadmap, though […]

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Newegg Daily Deals: MSI CX61 Gaming Laptop, WD Black Series 2TB HDD, and More!

Top Deal: If you’re really determined, you could unhook your massive desktop tower, pack it up, grab your monitor and peripherals, pack those up too, and bring your entire system with you to work, on business trips, and wherever else your mobile lifestyle takes you. Or you could resign to the fact that a laptop […]

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Asetek Wins Intellectual Property Lawsuit Against CMI

Over $400,000 awarded to Asetek Back in January 2013, Asetek filed a suit against CMI USA Inc, formerly known as Cooler Master, for patent infringement on two of the patents held by the company. Asetek requested that CMI must cease and desist the production and sale of its Seidon 120M, 120XL, and 240M liquid cooling […]

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