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Skyrim for PlayStation VR is a Frighteningly Empowering Experience

Announced during the PlayStation Media Showcase at E3 2017, Bethesda’s sprawling milestone RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to PlayStation VR. This isn’t an add-on experience or a demo intended to showcase the potential of the hardware — this is the full Skyrim experience in its entirety, including all of its well-received post-release […]

E3 2017: The Best Trailers and Game Videos

E3 2017: The Best Trailers and Game Videos

With so many game updates and announcements at E3, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. So we at PlayStation.Blog like to do our part to simplifying some of the best trailers and game videos to come out of the show. Marvel’s Spider-Man A mammoth eight-minute game demo shows off Spidey’s powerful abilities and a sprawling vision […]

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Time Only Moves When You Move in SUPERHOT, Coming to PS4 & PS VR

Alright everyone! We’ve been keeping this under wraps for quite a while now. I pretty much assumed Szymon (our community manhandler) will just up and burst with anticipation at some point. We have been looking at a literally constant stream of messages, tweets and emails from you guys. And they were all basically asking the […]

Destiny 2: E3 Trailer, PS Exclusives Detailed

Greetings, PlayStation Nation! This is DeeJ, reporting from E3 where we just introduced you to the enemy you’ll face in Destiny 2. Meet Dominus Ghaul. This all-new adventure kicks off with a surprise attack on the City. You’re about to face the most dreaded foe we’ve ever sent against the Guardians. To mount a counter-attack […]

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PlayStation Blogcast E3 Update: The Platinum Promise

Subscribe via iTunes, Google or RSS, or download here E3 has officially descended upon us, and there is so much to discuss that we couldn’t wait for your regularly scheduled Blogcast. The gang convenes to break down all the news from the incredible PlayStation E3 2017 Media Showcase, including our favorite moments from the show, […]

Vote Now: PlayStation.Blog Best of E3 Awards

Here’s a new one! We always love letting you all vote on every year’s best games around the end of the year, so we figured we’d extend the action to the new announcements from this year’s E3! Check the polls below to vote for this E3 2017’s best trailer, as well as your most-anticipated PS4 […]

Fortnite Coming July 25 With PlayStation-Exclusive Heroes

Fortnite Coming July 25 With PlayStation-Exclusive Heroes

Fortnite is coming to PlayStation on July 25. Build huge forts, craft exotic weapons, find loot, and level up your squad while leading the world’s remaining Heroes in the fight to save humanity and take back the world. You can watch our brand new gameplay trailer to get a feel for the game and even […]

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Announcing Horizon Zero Dawn – The Frozen Wilds

Today I’m thrilled to announce The Frozen Wilds, an expansion of Horizon Zero Dawn set in the icy territories of the north. To pique your curiosity, we’ve prepared a teaser trailer for you. Expanding the vibrant, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn and continuing the journey of young machine hunter Aloy, The Frozen Wilds adds […]

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UNDERTALE is Coming to PlayStation!

(A dog appeared from the shadows…) Hi, this is Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale. Undertale is a role-playing game where no one has to get hurt. It’s a humorous game that I created to evoke the same feelings that many classic Japanese role-playing games had given me. Happiness, sadness, fear, courage, friendship, hope, love, […]

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