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PSN: Upgrade Sub Accounts to Master Accounts

Starting today, PlayStation Network (PSN) users will gain the ability to upgrade a sub account to a master account. We’re always listening to user feedback, and this is a feature that many of you have asked for. You’ll be able to upgrade an account first through the web and later through PlayStation 4. Instructions on […]

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Gravity-bending Brawler Paperbound Coming Soon to PS4

Hi, I’m Dan Holbert, designer and programmer of Paperbound, a crazy new brawler coming soon to PS4. I’d like to share our trailer, talk a bit about the game, and answer any questions you have. It’s been a long journey filled with 7-day work weeks, so the team is happy that a lot of people […]

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PS4, PS3, & PS Vita Games in 2015: The Big List

Well, last year’s list of all upcoming PS4 games was such a success that we’ve decided to do you one better by creating a mammoth list of all known PlayStation games planned for release in 2015 in North America. The list is a real monster, comprised of games across PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. The […]

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Psychological Puzzler Pillar Launches February 17th

First let’s get the big news out of the way: Pillar is coming to PS4 on February 17th for $7.99, and PS Plus members will get a 10% discount for the first week after launch! If this is your first time hearing about the game, it’s a collection of minigames, where each game represents a […]

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Resogun Defenders Blasts Onto PS4 Feb. 17th

Hey all, Ian Pickles from XDEV Studio Europe here and I’m pleased to announce that Resogun Defenders, the second expansion for Resogun, will be available in a little under a week from now on February 17th for $4.99 and is free of charge to all existing season pass owners. The Defenders expansion brings with it […]

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What’s New in OlliOlli2?

Hello there, PlayStation people! Simon here, reporting from the epicentre of skate that is Roll7 HQ. 2014 was a mental year for the team here in New Cross, London — we couldn’t have imagined getting SO much love for our little skatey game, OlliOlli. OlliOlli2 might seem like it has hit Beta status quite quickly, […]

MLB 15 The Show: Universal Rewards & Licensed Equipment Detailed

Hello, PlayStation.Blog friends! Today we’re revealing some details about three new features in MLB 15 The Show: Universal Rewards, Licensed Equipment, and our 30 Legends. Keep an eye on our new Twitch channel for even more in-depth coverage of our robust new feature set! MLB 15 The Show | In the last couple years, […]

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PlayStation Store Update

PS4 Games Evolve ($59.99)Digital Deluxe ($74.99) Minutes (Cross Buy with PS Vita) ($7.99) Super Stardust Ultra ($12.99) Unmechanical: Extended ($9.99) PS3 Games Chivalry: Medieval Warfare ($14.99) Hyper Void ($15.99) <a target="_blank" href="!/en-us/games/unmechanical-extended/cid=UP4151-NPUB31605_00-UNMECHANICALPS3A?smcid=psblog:unmechanical-extended:up4151-npub31605_00-unmechanicalps3a:ps-blog-2015-02-10-playstation-store-update-380" …read more

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Warframe Updated Today with New Modes, Features, Weapons

Warframe’s latest update arrives today, bringing a whole new set of weapons and game modes for Space Ninjas to sink their teeth into. With new social Relays to explore, Syndicates to discover, the return of an old nemesis, and an epic struggle in space against a towering foe, this update to our free sci-fi shooter […]

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Minutes Lands on PS4, Vita Today

I’m pleased to announce that Minutes will be available on PlayStation Store next week. It’s a unique, abstract action game with retro DNA, a pure arcade heart, a super-clean visual style and music to get you in the zone! Inspired by a need to rebel against AAA titles, I’ve designed a minimalist game. Minutes is […]

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