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Introducing Splasher, a Fast-Paced Splatformer Coming to PS4 Sept. 26th

You know when you say your boss is a paint in the neck? Well, at INKORP the boss does some truly villainous stuff… like changing employees into potato monsters. Who better to defeat him than a young hero “chosen by destiny”? In Splasher, you play this guy —> Hi! I’m Romain Claude, former Game Designer […]

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Buckle Up! NASCAR Heat 2 Launches September 12 on PS4

Race day has arrived! NASCAR Heat 2 launches tomorrow on PS4, and I’m here to bring you up to speed on all the reasons we here at 704Games and Monster Games are excited for you to get behind the wheel. Since the release of last year’s NASCAR Heat Evolution, we’ve been listening to feedback from […]

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NHL 18 PS4 Bundle Comes to Canada September 15th

Summer is winding down, and that means that hockey season is almost here. Along with it comes the new NHL 18 PlayStation 4 Bundle, available only in Canada, on September 15th for $379.99. The bundle includes a 1TB PlayStation 4 system, a matching DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, and NHL 18. This edition of one of […]

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NBA 2K18 PS4 Bundle Comes to Canada September 15

Hey Canada! Now’s your chance to get warmed up for the Raptors season with the NBA 2K18 PlayStation 4 Bundle that’s joining the PS4 team on September 15th, for CAD $379. This Canadian-exclusive bundle features a 1TB PS4 system, a matching DualShock 4 Wireless Controller, and NBA 2K18 Early Tip-Off edition. Featuring unparalleled authenticity and […]

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Samurai Shodown V Special Out Tomorrow on PS4, PS Vita

Are you ready to test your mettle against players around the globe? Samurai Shodown V Special launches tomorrow on PS4 and PS Vita! The game will be priced at $14.99 and is both cross buy and cross play. We have prepared a special launch trailer for the game which gives a breakdown on some of […]

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How to Git Gud at Tooth and Tail, Out Tomorrow on PS4

Tooth and Tail comes out tomorrow, and whether you are new to the real-time strategy genre or you’re already a Grandmaster, you’ve got a chance to dominate. I’m Andy Schatz, Creative Director of Pocketwatch Games, and I’m gonna tell you how to git gud at Tooth and Tail in preparation for our launch tomorrow on […]

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Journey into Manifest 99’s Take on VR Travel Mechanics, Out Tomorrow

Tomorrow, September 12, sees the launch of Manifest 99, a story-driven, interactive experience for PS VR. Set on a train ride through the afterlife, Manifest 99 explores a dark and beautiful world through a gaze-based gameplay mechanic. Our team at Flight School Studio is interested in how game mechanics can reinforce narrative themes, particularly when […]

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 9/12/2017

The ever-adventurous Adol Christin continues his long journey next week with a new chapter in the beloved RPG series. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana launches September 12 on PS4 and PS Vita. The latest in a series of action RPGs, Ys VIII once again follows Adol in a new, self-contained story on a cursed island. […]

PS Store: August’s Top Downloads

Welcome back! August was a heck of a month for game launches — let’s see who came out on top (besides people who like to play good games, of course). Madden NFL 18 was the most downloaded game on PS4, followed by Hellblade and Sonic Mania. Undertale (a recent favorite of mine) led the PS […]

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Meet Kahuna, the Newest (and Strongest) Disc Jam Character

Hey everybody! We’re Tim and Jay from High Horse Entertainment and we’re excited to detail our latest patch and announce Disc Jam’s first new character: Kahuna! Kahuna is the strongest character in the game, but unlike other power throwers, he can put a good amount of spin on the disc as well. Defending Kahuna can […]

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