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Happy Holidays from Switchblade Monkeys

What a year for us. Not everyone knows this, but at Switchblade Monkeys we’re a tiny group of friends — our game started as a passion project. Secret Ponchos just launched earlier this month, and we felt so proud to see it on PS4 (with players able to grab it for free on PS Plus!). […]

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Happy Christmas From Hello Games!

Hello PlayStation Blog, I’m Sean Murray, I’m a programmer working on No Man’s Sky with a group of friends, here at Hello Games. We’ve just come back from Vegas, where the whole team went to Playstation Experience, The Game Awards (and then the Grand Canyon for biome research). This has been a very different kind […]

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Happy Holidays from 1886

Our last showing at PlayStation Experience was amazing, and a great opportunity to meet some of you. First and foremost, we wanted to thank you for all your support. It’s only a couple of months until the launch of our game and we’re really looking forward to having everyone play The Order: 1886. Tis the […]

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Flash Sale: End of Year Discounts on 30+ Games

The holiday season is in full swing and the store shelves have been picked clean. But I have some good news if you didn’t get everything on your list — PlayStation Store never runs out of inventory, and if you want to pick up some of the biggest games of 2014 at a discount, we’ve […]

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Happy Holidays from the Kingdom Hearts Team

Happy Holidays, PlayStation.Blog readers! The Kingdom Hearts team would like to wish you a very merry holiday to you and your loved ones. The launch of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on December 2nd has brought together countless people and the #feels have spread in good spirits. The magical saga continues in three remastered journeys… […]

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Newegg Daily Deals: WD Black Series 4TB HDD, Corsair CX600 600W PSU, and More!

Top Deal: Are you rocking a solid state drive for your OS and programs? Awesome, you’re halfway there! The other part of the equation is to supplement your primary storage scheme with a beefy hard drive for storage chores — why fill up your SSD with vacation photos and backups? For those kinds of things, […]

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Happy Holidays from Bandai Namco

It’s that holly jolly season to spend time with your loved ones, dust off your Christmas tree lights, and reflect on all the great moments you’ve had in the past year — especially your greatest gaming moments! Here in our Bandai Namco Games America office, we’ve experienced some great highs this year, like finally beating […]

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Will Windows 10 Spur PC Replacement Demand?

PC vendors are not sure what to expect from Windows 10 Trying to predict the PC market is like to trying to forecast the weather a month in advance — it’s a crapshoot, basically. So, we’re taking it with several grains of salt that PC vendors are reportedly doubtful that the Windows 10 launch next […]

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Temple Run VR is Now Available for Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition

Endless runner gets a dash virtual realism Remember Temple Run, the addictive endless runner that stole hours of your time, as such games are apt to do? Well, there’s a new version available, and we’re not talking about yet another themed release. Developer Imangi Studios announced that Temple Run VR is finished and available to […]

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Season’s Greetings from the ATLUS Crew

A joyous “Season’s Greetings” from the entire ATLUS Crew! As 2015 (with massive emphasis on the “5” in 2015) approaches, we wanted to sit back, kick up a nice glass of nog, and reflect on the PlayStation-tastic year we had this year. Some of you have been accustomed to your PlayStation devices being home for […]

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