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Rocket League: What We Learned at PS Experience

When it comes to video game development, it’s a rare miracle when your team has a week in which everything goes right — but that’s exactly what happened for us when we brought Rocket League to PlayStation Experience earlier this month. It was a fantastic show and one that we were definitely honored to be […]

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Happy Holidays From the Velocity 2X Team

Oh boy, we cannot wait for Christmas! First off, we need the rest! It’s been a manic few years as our tiny little team has developed and published nine – NINE – PlayStation games since 2010. Starting with Coconut Dodge on PS Minis and most recently Velocity 2X on PS4 and PS Vita, it’s been […]

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Newegg Daily Deals: MSI CX61 Gaming Laptop, WD Black Series 2TB HDD, and More!

Top Deal: If you’re really determined, you could unhook your massive desktop tower, pack it up, grab your monitor and peripherals, pack those up too, and bring your entire system with you to work, on business trips, and wherever else your mobile lifestyle takes you. Or you could resign to the fact that a laptop […]

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Asetek Wins Intellectual Property Lawsuit Against CMI

Over $400,000 awarded to Asetek Back in January 2013, Asetek filed a suit against CMI USA Inc, formerly known as Cooler Master, for patent infringement on two of the patents held by the company. Asetek requested that CMI must cease and desist the production and sale of its Seidon 120M, 120XL, and 240M liquid cooling […]

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Happy Holidays from Roll7

Happy Holidays, everyone! We can’t believe it’s almost over! 2014 has been an absolutely mental year for the Roll7 Team. Starting with the launch of OlliOlli on PS Vita back in January, the PlayStation Nation has welcomed us into their hardcore hearts and minds from the word “grind.” As we all grew up on a […]

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Votes Open: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards 2014

Here we go again! It’s my honor and privilege to open reader voting for the PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year Awards 2014, an annual chance for PlayStation fans to name the best of the best. We’ve even added two fancy new categories this year: Studio of the Year and Best PlayStation Plus Game. Ooh-la-la! To […]

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Evolve: PS4 Wraith Hands-on

The Wraith is a seductively sneaky addition to Evolve, Turtle Rock’s upcoming PS4 online shooter that pits four human hunters against one of three monstrous aliens in a battle for species survival. Compared to the hulking Goliath and maneuverable Kraken, the Wraith is a stealthy creature that gracefully dances into and out of battle with […]

New Details on Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons

New Details on Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons

Hello, PlayStation fans! We had a great time in Las Vegas earlier this month, attending the Game Awards to debut our brand new Bloodborne gameplay trailer, and presenting a brand new game feature, Chalice Dungeons, on-stage at the PlayStation Experience keynote in front of the many fans in the audience — and so many more […]

Pillar on PS4: Watch the New Trailer, Soundtrack Released

Pillar is a collection of minigames, where each game represents a different type of personality that we find in people. You can read about some of the inspirations for the game on my first PS.Blog post, but today I have a couple of exciting new things to share with you! First, we’ve released a trailer […]

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Hyperdevotion Noire Battle System Detailed

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! My name is David, here for Idea Factory International, and I’m happy to give you a glimpse of the battle system for the upcoming strategy RPG Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart, which is launching early 2015 exclusively on PS Vita. This spinoff of the Hyperdimension Neptunia world introduces a new way […]

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