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Chromebooks Took Amazon's Top Three Spots for Holiday PC Sales

Where are all the low-cost Windows laptops? Microsoft and Intel have started working together to promote low-cost Windows laptops in the $200 and under range, which prior to the collaboration was a space that mostly belonged to Chromebooks. So far things are off to a slow start, at least if Amazon’s holiday sales are any […]

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AMD Revises CPU Strategy to Chip Away at Intel's Lead in Laptops

AMD has high hopes for its Carrizo processors Heading into the new year, AMD’s resolution is to increase its laptop market share, and the key to doing that lies in its Carrizzo and Carrizo-L laptop chips. Going forward, the chip maker will take a plug-and-play approach that will make it easy for hardware partners to […]

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Happy Holidays from Axiom Verge

It’s been the most amazing year of my life. In January 2014, Axiom Verge was a hobby project I’d been working on nights and weekends for almost four years. By April it was picked up by the PlayStation Pub Fund, then in June it won best of E3 awards, and in September Nintendo’s former indie […]

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Microsoft May Build a New Browser for Windows 10

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer as you know it The reason Microsoft is rolling with Windows 10 instead of Windows 9 for its next major operating system is because the changes are so dramatic, it warranted a generational leap in naming the product. That’s the official story Microsoft wants us to believe, anyway, and while […]

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Asus Rolls Out Strix 2.0 Gaming Headset for Multi-Platform Gamers

A headset for platform agnostic gamers We obviously favor gaming on the PC, and that’s not about to change. However, we also recognize that some gamers like to groove on multiple platforms. Apparently so does Asus, which just announced its Strix 2.0 headset with support for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, smartphones, and tablets. Granted, you […]

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PlayStation Store Flash Sale and Holiday Sale Extended

We know many of you experienced issues connecting to PSN over the weekend, so in response to popular demand, PlayStation Store is extending our Flash Sale and Holiday Sale. There’s still time to take advantage of a lot of great games at heavily discounted prices! The Flash Sale will be extended until 12:00pm Pacific Time […]

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Top 14 News Stories of 2014

Looking back at another wild year in the tech sector Two years ago, the world was supposed to end, based on the Mayan calendar. And last year, we heard about the death of the PC ad nauseam. Of course, neither of those things happened, setting up yet another event-filled 12 months of technology news that […]

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Sony Grosses $15 Million from Online Weekend Debut of 'The Interview'

The movie North Korea supposedly didn’t want you to see Despite the efforts of hackers who were apparently ticked off with Sony Pictures Entertainment over The Interview, a far-fetched comedy in which the CIA enlists the help of TV personalities played by Seth Rogan and James Francos to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, millions […]

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