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AT&T Gigabit Service Arrives in California for $110 per Month

Higher prices for customers when there is no competition Competition between rival services might be bad for a business, but it usually ends up being good for the consumer. In the case of Google Fiber expanding, competition between Google and other ISPs tend to result in lower prices between rival gigabit services. AT&T, for example, […]

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Charter Communications to Purchase Cable Provider Bright House for $10.4 Billion

Another potential merger between cable providers Last year, Comcast caused quite a stir when it announced that it would purchase Time Warner Cable. So far, the merge has yet to take place as Comcast is still waiting for the government to approve of the merger. But now, two more cable providers are looking to merge. […]

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PlayStation Store Update: March 31st, 2015

PS4 Games Axiom Verge (Cross Buy with PS Vita when it releases) ($19.99) MLB 15 The Show Standard Edition ($59.99)Anniversary Edition ($69.99) Paperbound ($9.99) R.B.I. Baseball 15 ($19.99) Rack N Ruin ($14.99) <a target="_blank" href="!/en-us/games/toukiden-kiwami-with-bonus/cid=UP4108-NPUB50262_00-B000000000001386?smcid=psblog:toukiden-kiwami-with-bonus:up4108-npub50262_00-b000000000001386:ps-blog-2015-03-31-playstation-store-update-387" …read more

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Raptr Launches, Says You Too Can Be Pro takes a bite out of Twitch and YouTube, Instagram style Raptr today announced the official public launch of a gamer-focused service called, a kind of Instagram for gamers, where the idea is that everyone and every game has an epic moment of some kind. The idea though, says Raptr, is entirely different from […]

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Async Shaders Will Allow GPUs to Live Up to Their Full Potential, Says AMD

Improvements to be enabled via DX12 and Vulkan APIs Graphics cards are currently “not living up to their full potential,” says AMD, and the company is adamant that the forthcoming DX12 and Vulkan APIs will change that. Specifically, the red team says that these APIs will be able to take advantage of AMD’s asynchronous compute […]

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Razer Leviathan Review

More than just a Bluetooth speaker If you were to tell us three years ago that Razer was going to make a Bluetooth speaker, we would have been interested, but now that we’re inundated with Bluetooth speakers everywhere, it’s pretty hard to get excited. But while Razer’s Leviathan sound system is far from perfect, it’s […]

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Chromebit HDMI Dongle Turns Your Display into a Chrome Device

Chrome OS without the Chromebook Google’s on a major push to advance its Chrome OS into more homes by whatever means necessary. Fancy a low-cost Chromebook? Google today announced the Haier Chromebook 11 and Hisense Chromebook, both available for pre-order at $149. Prefer an all-metal convertible? Google wants you keep your eyes peeled for the […]

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