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PS Plus: Free Games for January, 2016

As we look forward to the New Year, we’re excited to share our January 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup with everyone. This month our PS4 games pay homage to a couple classic, fan-favorite titles, while updating the gameplay and graphics to PS4! Hardware: Rivals makes its exclusive debut on PlayStation Plus. Get behind the wheel of […]

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A Phantom, a Motherboard, DDR4 & Acoustic Treatment

In the world of the tech-lusting enthusiast, there’s never a shortage of stuff you can long for. When you splurge on one piece of gear, you just can’t help but want another. So, what’s got my juices flowing this week? Check it out. The Phantom I consider myself quite an audio nut. I don’t know […]

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Holiday Sale Week 4: Final Week Brings Fallout 4, Dark Souls II

Hi everyone! It’s the fourth and final week of PlayStation Store’s Holiday Sale, and we’re finishing strong with up to 60 percent off some of the best games and movies of 2015. PlayStation Plus members enjoy an additional discount, saving up to 75 percent. This week only, pick up titles like Dark Souls II: Scholar […]

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Asus Invites You to Overclock and Chill with Maximus VIII Formula Motherboard

Let the liquid cooling begin Asus ROG just added another high end motherboard for Skylake builds to its lineup, the Maximus VIII Formula. Based on Intel’z Z170 Express chipset, this ATX motherboard sports an LGA 1151 socket, four DIMM slots supporting up to 64GB of DDR4-3733 (OC) RAM, and exclusive CrossChill EK cooling. The folks […]

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FCC Filing Reveals First Pictures of Google Glass Enterprise Edition

First look at Google Glass 2.0 Google’s head mounted display appropriately called Google Glass never did quite make it to store shelves as originally planned. Instead, Google shut down its Glass Explorer program in favor of taking the technology in a new direction, and we now have our first glimpse of what’s in store for […]

The Iron Banner Returns Today in Destiny: The Taken King

Attention all Guardians of PlayStation. DeeJ from Bungie here, with some important news for all Crucible warriors. Iron Banner returns today. When Lord Saladin appears in the Tower, he’ll have something extra to entice you to join the battle. On PlayStation, champions of the competitive event will have a chance to earn an exclusive gear […]

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Plymouth University Makes Case for Pictures Instead of Passwords

Rethinking password security A new study by Plymouth University suggests that using a combination of pictures and one-time numerical codes could be more secure and easier to use than today’s commonly used multi-factor methods that rely on passwords. The new multi-level authentication system is called GOTPass. One of the advantages is that it doesn’t require […]

PlayStation Developers Name Top 2015 Gaming Moments

As you’ll likely be aware, we’re in the process of finding out which games you all enjoyed most in 2015, via our annual Game of the Year polls – a process which should provide a pretty accurate snapshot at where the PlayStation community’s head is at after a busy year of gaming. However, what about […]

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Four Weeks with Google OnHub

One router to rule them all? Google’s OnHub wireless router went on sale a few short months ago with a lot of hype. Google positioned the OnHub as the one router that would replace all routers, solve all your Wi-Fi woes, and never go down or skip a beat. Best of all, Google promised the […]

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