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Clever Modder Created a Functioning 128GB Floppy Disk

Long live the floppy! I still own several 3.5-inch floppies and even some 5.25-inch disks. They’re mostly game installs for old school adventure titles, but in my basement they sit, these boxed up relics of a bygone era. After seeing what a modder did with this old floppy disks, I’m tempted to dig them out […]

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Faster Raspberry Pi 3 Gains Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Still Just $35

Fresh out of the oven In celebration of its fourth birthday, The Raspberry Pi Foundation has cooked up a new version of its highly popular Raspberry Pi mini PC with a giant assist from fellow chef Broadcom. The newly released Raspberry Pi 3 is quite the treat—it’s faster that previous models, more functional, and backwards […]

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HTC Starts Taking Pre-Orders for Vive VR Headset, Ships in April

Officially a two-horse race After all the hype and anticipation, you can finally place a pre-order for HTC’s Vive headset today, just as the company promised last week. The cost, as stated previously, is $799, with the first batch of headsets slated to ship in April of this year. There’s also an estimated $30 shipping […]

Introducing Scrolling Shoot ‘Em Up Xenoraid on PS4, PS Vita

Hello everyone! I’m excited to be back on PlayStation.Blog to announce Xenoraid, a vertically scrolling shoot’em up with a unique feel driven by a great combination of features. I’m personally in the driver’s seat of Xenoraid, and the whole concept of the game stems from the fact that I personally enjoy shmups. Or at least […]

Microscopic Survival Game VEV: Viva Ex Vivo Coming to PS4

Microscopic Survival Game VEV: Viva Ex Vivo Coming to PS4

Hi everyone! Souha here from Truant Pixel. We’re proud to announce that our indie game VEV: Viva Ex Vivo will be launching this summer exclusive to PS4 with planned support for PlayStation VR. The Premise Viva Ex Vivo’s tag line is “survival on a microscopic scale.” The game features a unique take on arcade-style survival […]

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 3/1/2016

Ladies and gentlemen: freedom is at stake. But not to worry, because an unstoppable troop of bros has arrived on PS4 to protect it. It’s time for Broforce. Command a variety of bros as you battle enemy soldiers, aliens, and even demons in this over-the-top, side-scrolling shooter. Unleash devastation across fully destructible levels with explosive […]

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Play Black Ops III Multiplayer Free Until Sunday Afternoon

Can’t beat the price Valentine’s Day is in the rear view mirror, football season is finished, and the NBA playoffs won’t start for more than a month. Find yourself looking for something to do this weekend? That leaky faucet still needs fixed, but if you’re not up for manual labor, you can log some multiplayer […]

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Linux Community Lambasts Microsoft Over Skype Issues

Pissed off penguins Linux users are chastising Microsoft for not paying enough attention to its Skype software on their platform of choice. They’re ticked off that Skype had gone without an update on Linux for over a year and a half, and that the the long overdue upgrade that was rolled out this past Monday […]

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