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Rogue Trooper Redux Coming to PS4, Pays Homage to Classic Comic

Today we’re very excited to announce Rebellion’s first new game since we launched Sniper Elite 4 on Valentine’s Day! If you follow Rebellion you might already know that we don’t just make games. We also publish the legendary British comic 2000 AD, famous for characters like Judge Dredd, Sláine, Nemesis, and — of course — […]

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Venture to the Red Planet in Unearthing Mars, Out March 7 on PS VR

Hi everyone, this is Eric from Winking Entertainment, a company you might not be familiar with. This is our first outing on Playstation, and we’re excited to bring our PS VR sci-fi adventure Unearthing Mars to the United States. Let me start off with this: I’m happy to announce that Unearthing Mars will be launched […]

3on3 Freestyle Hits the Streets Today on PS4

3on3 Freestyle Hits the Streets Today on PS4

Every time I talk about 3on3 Freestyle, I feel compelled to reiterate what I and the development team at Joycity wanted from the moment we conceptualized this vibrant, street basketball game: engaging competition that came alive with a creative sense of expression and player bonding. We always knew what we wanted, but how do you […]

GDC ’17: Creating Thumper’s Virtual Unreality

GDC ’17: Creating Thumper’s Virtual Unreality

Thumper began as an idea back in 2008, when high-quality VR was just a fantasy. Last October, we were proud to release Thumper alongside PS VR. It’s been an honor to hear from so many PlayStation gamers who made Thumper their first VR experience! Thumper | My co-developer Brian Gibson and I handcrafted our […]

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Chess Ultra Coming to PS4 and PS VR This Spring

Hey everyone! I’m Kelly Willoughby, the lead producer at Ripstone Games. We’re a British developer and publisher, and we’ve got a whole bunch of PlayStation games in our repertoire. You might know the Pure series, including Pure Chess, Pure Pool and Pure Hold’em, or maybe titles like Stick it to the Man and Knytt Underground. […]

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PlayStation Blogcast 239: Bring Me That Horizon

We didn’t forget about you! This week, the gang weighs in on critical hit Horizon Zero Dawn. And a solemn promise from me: no more dark secrets. I heard you! Enjoy the show. Subscribe via iTunes, Google or RSS, or download here Stuff We Talked About Horizon Zero Dawn (no spoilers!) Titanfall 2 Live Fire […]

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 2/28/2017

A world in beautiful ruin has been overtaken by machines. Humanity lives in scattered tribes, struggling to survive. And a single hunter uncovers long-buried secrets that could change it all. Welcome to the post-post-apocalypse of Horizon Zero Dawn, an action RPG that launches next week on PS4. Developed by the technical masterminds at Guerrilla Games, […]

The Making of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Machines

The Making of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Machines

As we count down to Horizon Zero Dawn‘s release on 1st March, Guerrilla Games reflects on the creation of its action RPG, and shares stories about the key beats that shaped its new game. In part two, Game Director Mathijs de Jonge, Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek, Lead Quest Designer David Ford, Combat Designer Troy […]

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