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PlayStation Experience 2017 Gear Revealed

Our team is gearing up for PlayStation Experience — and now you can do the same! The PlayStation Gear store will be back and larger than ever at PSX. We’ll be offering 150 products at the event, including more than 40 items exclusive to PlayStation Experience. We’ll be offering new items from your favorite games, […]

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Crossing Souls is an Adventure Between Life and Death, Out Feb. 13 on PS4

It’s the first day of summer 1986. Your little brother calls you over the walkie-talkie: “You’re not going to believe this, dude! Hurry! Get the gang together in the treehouse. I have something incredible to show you! I think it’s actually starting to… rot. It smells awful, man!” That’s how Crossing Souls begins, a game […]

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Dark Eclipse for PS VR: How to Play a MOBA in Virtual Reality

Sunsoft is making a MOBA for PlayStation VR. It’s called Dark Eclipse, and it will be launching in America in Spring 2018. If you’re going to PlayStation Experience, you’ll be able to play the first demo for the game at the event. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena — or MOBA — games have come a long […]

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for December 2017

Hey PlayStation Plus members – we have an action-packed game selection for the PS Plus free games lineup in December. Let’s take a look. Become Death, the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen, in Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition. The Deathinitive Edition includes all DLC, alongside updated graphics rendering and reworked game balancing. It is […]

PlayStation Experience 2017: Panels, PlayStation Presents and More

Hello hello! Hard to believe we’re only 9 sleeps away from the kickoff of PlayStation Experience 2017, starting with Friday night’s PlayStation Presents. Gulp! Speaking of PlayStation Presents! The show will commence at 8:00pm Pacific Time next Friday, December 8. If you’ve got an Early Bird ticket, you’ll be able to join us on-site in […]

Sling Spells in Wizard of Legend, Out Early 2018 on PS4

No wands, long beards, nor drawn out incantations needed here. Wizard of Legend is a no-nonsense, action-packed take on wizardry that emphasizes precise movements and smart comboing of spells in a randomly generated dungeon crawler you can go at alone or with a friend. The dev team of Contingent99 is two high school friends who […]

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Mothergunship Co-Op & Crafting Details, Hands-on Demo at PSX

Hello Playstation Fans! Joe Mirabello and George Mamakos here of Mothergunship, a bullet-hell FPS where you craft your own guns and face off against an invasion of robotic alien monstrosities. First off, we’re excited to announce Mothergunship will be at this year’s PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, where we will be putting the game in front […]

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PS4 Remaster of Star Ocean: The Last Hope Launches Today

Hello everyone! My name is Takaaki Kai and I am the producer for Star Ocean: The Last Hope 4K and HD Remaster. When The Last Hope originally released on the PS3, I was still a student, and it was the first game from the Star Ocean series I ever played. I was captivated by the […]

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Meat Your Maker in Gang Beasts, Launching December 12 on PS4

Prepare to scream with horror and delight as gangs of saggy, pugnacious thugs from Beef City punch, kick and slapstick their way across your screen, hurling their foes into hazardous machinery or mercilessly head-butting them into flaming incinerator pits! That’s right folks, the long awaited Beef-em-up Gang Beasts is coming to PlayStation 4 on Dec […]

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