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This Week in PlayStation: House Party

Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion is out in the wild, and folks seem to like it! I’ve been having a blast in the Prison of Elders, and the Trials of Osiris have been some of the most fun I’ve had in a game since first cracking open the Vault of Glass. Whether you’re a new […]

Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PS4 Tuesday, New Enhancements Detailed

Hey crew! Gio Corsi here, Director of Third Party Production, and I wanted to give you all a quick “great news” update on Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 with less than a week before its digital launch on May 26th! Ultra Street Fighter IV | The big update: Ultra Street Fighter IV will support […]

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PlayStation Blogcast 165: You Got Severed

What are the games, movies, and music you always turn to for good ol’ fashioned comfort? We discuss your picks, and we also chat with the dev team behind the upcoming PS Vita game Severed. Can the crew hold down a whole episode without the endless eccentricities of Sid Shuman? Tune in for the answer! […]

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Need for Speed Returns to PS4 This Fall

It’s great to be back here on PlayStation.Blog to talk to you about Need for Speed — and in just a few weeks’ time at E3 you’ll get to witness the full unveiling, but until then we just want to touch base on a few things, so let’s clear the air. While we’ve been busy […]

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GUNS UP! Private Access Opens Today – Join the Fight!

Today, Valkyrie Entertainment and San Diego Studios are happy to announce the launch of our new Private Access for GUNS UP! exclusively on PlayStation 4. “What is a Private Access?” you ask. Private Access is your invitation-only pass to play GUNS UP! before anyone else. The purpose of the private access program is to employ […]

Experience E3 2015 Live in Theaters on June 15th

Whenever I interact with the PlayStation community I’m always struck by their passion and excitement for gaming. I saw this firsthand at E3 2014, when I teamed up with PlayStation and Fathom Events to bring the E3 Press Conference live to over 10,000 fans around the country as part of the PlayStation E3 Experience in […]

Live-action Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Celebrates Everyday Heroes

Throughout the development of Batman: Arkham Knight, our goal has been to create the ultimate Batman experience and give players the chance to be the Batman like never before. Batman: Arkham Knight | For us that has meant building out all of Gotham City, showing Batman at the peak of his powers, and putting […]

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Octodad: Dadliest Catch Wriggles Onto PS Vita May 26th

Back in December at PlayStation Experience, our friend Gio Corsi let everyone know that, with the help of Sickhead Games, we would be bringing Octodad: Dadliest Catch to PS Vita. Today Young Horses is happy to announce that on May 26th for $14.99 you’ll be able to take Octodad on the go! With the launch […]

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11 Things You Should Know About Magicka 2

Hello everyone! In just one week we’ll finally have the chance to bring the world of Magicka to console for the first time and we’ve been prepping for it by wearing flame-retardant robes — it’s embarrassing when you accidentally set yourself on fire during fits of excitement. We’ve also created this list of the 11 […]

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Donate to Help Victims of Nepal’s Devastating Earthquake

In the last few weeks, we’ve watched the devastating effects of major earthquakes that have struck Nepal, affecting so many lives and destroying countless homes across the country. We know the road to recovery will be a long one, and our hearts are with the Nepalese communities affected by this unimaginable tragedy. During this time […]

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