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  • Valkyria Chronicles 4 Launches on PS4 Next Year, Insight From the Producer November 20, 2017
    In case you missed it, the beloved Valkyria Chronicles series is making a grand return to the west with Valkyria Chronicles 4! Revisit a WWII inspired world with a refined tactical RPG battle system, rich painterly aesthetic, new ensemble cast of characters, and a captivating story about growing up on the battlefield. Although the Valkyria […]
    Will Chan
  • The Skyrim VR Launch Guide: Controls, Settings, and More November 18, 2017
    We have been so thrilled to see the excitement and reception from the community around the launch of Skyrim on PlayStation VR.
    Andrew Scharf
  • The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 11/21/2017 November 17, 2017
    Saving your love, your kingdom, and your world are all important tasks. But don't forget fishing! Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV comes to PS VR on November 21.
    Ryan Clements
  • Black Friday Comes Early for PS Plus Members! November 17, 2017
    The Holiday season is upon us! Here at Playstation Store we’re making it easy to avoid the crowds and retain your sanity by bringing Black Friday discounts directly to you. No lines, no pushing and shoving, just pure gaming bliss from the comfort of the only place where shopping in your pajamas is actually acceptable.
    Brian Fujimoto
  • Celebrating 10 Years of Uncharted November 17, 2017
    This Sunday, November 19, marks the 10th anniversary of the Uncharted: Drake's Fortune launch in North America. At the time, we knew it was the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the studio's history, but never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that it would be the first step in an adventure […]
    Evan Wells
  • PlayStation Experience 2017: More Than 80 Exhibitors Confirmed November 16, 2017
    We're less than a month away from PlayStation Experience and it's finally time to reveal some of the developers and publishers who will be joining us on the show floor. Below is a near-final list of the exhibitors who are set to grace the halls of PlayStation Experience this year in Anaheim, California on December […]
    Tiane Bella
  • The Secrets to Localizing Yakuza 6: The Song of Life November 16, 2017
    Imagine the following scenario: You are tasked with translating an epic, 50-hour adventure from one language to another -- including visual cues and UI elements -- with a massive story, while maintaining cultural relevance, jokes, and idioms for your new audience. All without compromising the intent, message, and drama of any given scene. This was […]
    Scott Strichart
  • Introducing the PlayStation VR DOOM VFR Bundle November 15, 2017
    The Doom VFR release date is closing in and we’re excited to announce a new bundle that will vault you into the fast-paced, thrilling gameplay you love but as a totally new experience built for VR. The PlayStation VR Doom VFR Bundle includes the PlayStation VR system, PlayStation Camera, the updated PS VR Demo Disc […]
    Mary Yee
  • Fighting EX Layer Coming to PS4, Beta Begins December 11 November 15, 2017
    Hello! This is Akira Nishitani from Arika, but you might know me as NIN. Currently I'm hard at work on creating our "Mysterious Fighting Game." It's been awhile since we've made some announcements, so today I'd like to share two new pieces of news with you all. Up until now, we've been referring to our […]
    Akira Nishitani
  • Rainbow Six Siege Free PS Plus Weekend Begins Ahead of Operation White Noise Launch November 14, 2017
    It's an exciting time for Rainbow Six Siege. We're close to the start of Season 4 and the release of Operation White Noise, the upcoming content drop set in Seoul, South Korea. Featuring two new Operators from South Korea's 707th Special Mission Battalion and one new Operator from Poland's GROM unit, Operation White Noise also […]
    Giancarlo Varanini

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  • December’s Xbox Game Pass Update Brings Gears of War 4, Darksiders, Mass Effect and $1 Game Pass for Limited Time November 21, 2017
    Hello, fellow gamers! Welcome to your action-packed December Xbox Game Pass update. In addition to over 100 great games already included in your Xbox Game Pass membership, we’re excited to share the addition of yet another seven games starting December 1. Titles including Gears of War 4, Darksiders: Warmastered Edition, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter […]
  • New Preview Build Available to All Rings – 11/20/17 November 20, 2017
    This past weekend, we released a new system update to our Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega rings. This update (1711.171115-1914) is now mandatory in all system update rings and includes fixes to various “Sounds & Settings” on the Xbox One console. Please read on for more about these fixes as well as known issues related […]
  • Inside Xbox One X Enhanced: World of Tanks November 20, 2017
    Many of gaming’s most compelling stories come from those who’ve helped to create our favorite Xbox One games. In our Inside Xbox One X Enhanced series, these creators will share the behind-the-scenes accounts of the work involved in enhancing these epic games for Xbox One X, how they’ve helped chart the course of the world’s […]
  • Xbox and Doritos Team up with YouTube Stars to Play Bold November 20, 2017
    Starting on November 11, Xbox fans in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Spain will find some very bold content on their Xbox dashboards! Fans will come across several interactive videos, where they will get the chance to find out who is truly the ‘boldest’ gamer in Europe. The Doritos #PlayBold challenge is simple. It challenges […]
  • This Week on Xbox: November 17, 2017 November 17, 2017
    We know you’re busy and might miss out on all the exciting things we’re talking about on Xbox Wire every week. If you’ve got a few minutes, we can help remedy that. We’ve pared down the past week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things Xbox! Or, if you’d rather watch than read, you […]
  • Watch the Xbox Insider Team on Tips & Tricks November 17, 2017
    Check out the Nov. 14, 2017, episode of “Tips & Tricks” to learn more about the Xbox Insider Program from team members Leland and Savannah. The segment begins at 28:20 and covers how to get started as an Xbox Insider, how to change rings for the Xbox One Preview Update and what content you can […]
  • SOMA Coming to Xbox One December 1 with Console Exclusive Safe Mode November 17, 2017
    “What is consciousness?” I can’t remember the exact moment that I asked myself the question, but once I did I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After that I read everything I could find on the subject, but it never really satisfied my appetite. While there were lots of scientific articles and plenty of works of […]
  • Xbox Live Gold Members Can Now Get a Jump Start on Black Friday Savings November 17, 2017
    Starting today, Xbox Live Gold members can take advantage of great deals on Xbox digital games during the Black Friday Gold Early Access sale. Xbox Live Gold members enjoy an exclusive 4-day head start on Black Friday, with savings up to 65% on Xbox digital games, movies, and TV shows. Plus, Xbox Live Gold members […]
  • Announcing Path of Exile: War for the Atlas on Xbox One November 17, 2017
    Three months ago, we achieved one of our long-standing dreams of releasing our game, Path of Exile, on Xbox One. Since this launch we’ve been happy to welcome so many new Path of Exile fans into our community and to receive feedback that we have integrated into the updates we’ve released so far. We have […]
  • The Sims 4 Arrives on Xbox One Today November 17, 2017
    Howdy, Simmers! Can you believe it?! Just a few short months ago, we announced The Sims 4 was coming to console – and now it’s here! Launch day is finally here, and The Sims 4 is officially available for Xbox One. In addition to the Sims 4 base game, you can add some of our […]

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  • Wot I Think – Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer November 21, 2017
    The Star Wars Battlefront 2 singleplayer campaign has already been judged , but here are my thoughts on the multiplayer front – loot crate warts and all.
  • Black Friday 2017: The best deals on graphics cards, monitors, SSDs and more November 21, 2017
    The sale event to end all sale events is here. That’s right, folks, Black Friday 2017 is upon us, and this year’s sales frenzy is set to be bigger than ever as we head into the Christmas shopping period. In all honesty, they should just rename it Black November, as you’ll find deals happening literally RIGHT NOW in […]
  • Northgard adds boar clan and lays out floor plan November 21, 2017
    Yonder strategy Northgard has added a new clan to its longboat full of cartoonish Viking pillagers. Previous clans like the bear boys, introduced new warriors like a giant ursine killer with heavy armour plating on his furry back. The new clan of the Boar are a little less spectacular, but they are a hard-living and […]
  • Rock out with Brütal Legend for free today November 21, 2017
    Brütal Legend, Double Fine’s heavy metal action-RTS hybrid, is completely free on the Humble Store. It was also free yesterday, so let’s pretend I told you about this 24 hours ago. Once you grab it, it’s yours to keep. You’ve still got a day and change to pick it up, so get on it.
  • Clicker Heroes 2 ditches free-to-play in favor of “cleaner conscience” November 21, 2017
    Can you hear the people click? Clicking the song of angry men? The Clicker Heroes devs couldn’t, but they’re nonetheless changing their business model so that the studio can have a “cleaner conscience”. Clicker Heroes 2, the sequel to the idle game that Graham describes as “Diablo’s metagame with the participative act of exploration and […]
  • World of Final Fantasy is still adorable and is out today November 21, 2017
    Another Final Fantasy outing is heading to PC today, this time in the form of the painfully adorable World of Final Fantasy, which launched on Sony’s consoles just over a year ago. It’s a spin-off that celebrates the long-running JRPG series by turning its myriad characters and beasties into tiny chibi summons that the player […]
  • Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is the next Bioware remaster November 21, 2017
    We won’t have full details until a bit later today (noon PST/8PM UK), but here’s the headline: Bioware’s 2002 RPG Neverwinter Nights is next to receive Beamdog‘s Enhanced Edition treatment. What do we want to see from a tweaked and modernised take on Bioware’s first foray into 3D RPGs, and whose revered modding tools launched […]
  • Sci-fi caper 2000:1 A Space Felony is free this week November 21, 2017
    There’s a lot of sci-fi silliness of 2000:1: A Space Felony Or How I Came To Value My Life And Murder Mercilessly. It’s pretty much guaranteed when you look at the name. Not only is it uncomfortably long, it also provides more colons than I care to have. That sense of comical overwriting is a […]
  • How Total War: Warhammer’s Mortal Empires engineers a world of unending war November 20, 2017
    This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the difficult journeys they underwent to make the best bits of their games. This time, Total War: Warhammer’s Mortal Empires campaign [official site]. Mortal Empires is the logical conclusion of Total War: Warhammer. It asks this: what happens if all the races, factions, legendary […]
  • For Honor needs more than new warriors to stay alive November 20, 2017
    There goes my head again. Rolling along the ground like a wet turnip. The ahistorical three-sided war of For Honor has always been a tough battleground. During a recent free weekend, it became a conflict not only between Vikings, Samurai and Knights, but between practiced veterans and absolute newcomers. I’m somewhere in between. A mediocre […]
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CES 2015: Seagate Gets Stylish with Portable Storage Drive Solutions [Video]

Who would have thought storage could be so sexy? Peanut butter and jelly go together, and the same goes for Coke and Rum. Heck, we can think of any number of combinations that make sense, but storage and sex appeal? That’s a first for us, and when we heard Seagate was combining the two, Maximum […]

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CES 2015: HP Shows Off NUC Sized PCs and Ultrawide Curved Monitor [Video]

Riding the small and curvy tech fads After learning about HP’s Pavilion Mini and Stream Mini desktop PCs yesterday, we gave Online Managing Editor and Video Guru Jimmy Thang a special mission — seek out HP’s booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and film the company’s products. It didn’t take him long to sniff […]

CES 2015: A Look at CyberPower’s Unique Fang Trinity Gaming PC [Video]

One of the most unique looking PCs ever Maximum PC’s Online Managing Editor and ace reporter Jimmy Thang is currently scurrying around the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, and one of his stops was to see CyberPower’s curious looking Fang Trinity PC. At a glance, it looks like the […]

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Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Out Today on PS3, Vita

The seminal first-person shooter Duke Nukem 3D, originally crashed onto the scene in 1996 and forever changed the genre with tight gunplay, a new level of interactivity, and a sense of humor then unseen before in games. Now your benevolent amigos at Devolver Digital, Abstraction Games, and General Arcade have brought 3D Realms’ legendary shooter […]

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HP Goes After Business Users with Zbook 14 and 15u Workstation UItrabooks

Thin and light workstations for the mobile road warrior HP is awfully proud of its reputation for delivering thin and light business-class laptops, and to ensure its name keeps coming up when the discussion turns to such systems, HP today introduced what it claims are the industry’s thinnest and lightest workstation Ultrabooks to date, the […]

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Asus ROG Unloads Expansive Lineup of New Gaming Gear at CES

Uh, where’s the kitchen sink? Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is quickly wrapping up, though not before Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) could blitz gamers with a bevy of hardware, including its new Spatha and Sica Gaming Mice, Strix Tactic Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, and a few other products. While not all […]

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Samsung Announces T1 Line of External SSDs

Bigger Isn’t Always Better Samsung announced the Portable SSD T1 line of external solid-state drive today, the first of its kind for this company. The drive uses a standard USB 3.0 cable to connect to your PC and is backwards compatible with USB 2.0. But you’ll definitely want the faster connection — Samsung claims that […]

CES 2015: Watch Sony’s Keynote Live Tonight

Though CES is officially A Big Big Deal in the consumer electronics world, it’s not generally known for making a huge splash among gamers. Nevertheless, we like our gadgets and we suspect that you do, too. So in the interest of furthering the public good, we present Sony Electronics’ annual CES keynote. The festivities kick […]

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Intel’s 5th Generation Core Processors Finally Arrive

Hello Broadwell, nice to finally meet you Intel waited until CES to formally introduce its 5th Generation Intel Core processor family, essentially a die shrink of Haswell built on a 14nm manufacturing process. These are the Broadwell parts you’ve been waiting for — yes, we’ve already seen the Broadwell architecture manifest in Intel’s Core M […]

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HP Downsizes the Desktop with Pavilion Mini and Stream Mini PCs

Honey, HP shrunk the desktop! Go back in time a few years ago and we might have scoffed at the idea of palm sized desktops PCs. And if you would have tried telling us they’re as powerful as some desktop tower PCs, you would have elicited a hearty chuckle from us. Ah, but times are […]

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